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Order Cancellations & Returns Policy

At, we endeavor to ensure you have the best experience while selecting and purchasing your most loved Indian Ethnic Outfits. In spite of our earnest attempts to keep our clients upbeat, there are times when you may feel the need to give back your item for circumstances past your or our control. 

We have recorded everything beneath about our Cancelation and Refunds strategy so that incase you do choose to cross out your request, or look for discounts, you don't face a particle of an issue.




Q: Can I cancel my order in case I change my mind after ordering?

A:Yes, you can scratch off all Non-Ready to Ship items, just if done inside of 24 hours of putting it. We will start 100% discount of your cash and an affirmation of the same will be sent to you by means of email, however we would have wanted to have included another Ethnic Fashion proclamation to your wardrobe.Please be notified that Ready To Ship requests are not qualified for cancelations as they are despatched inside of 24 hours of the receipt of request.


Q: Why a "24 Hour" deadline?

A:As soon as your request is affirmed, activity is started at our end. The procedure of picking, packaging,customizing and logistics begin, and the requested item much of the time has as of now gone through two or three stages. Incase a piece of clothing must be prepared, or modified, the procedure is as of now in progress.


Q: And what if I cancel after 24 hours of ordering?

A:1) Well, we have a procurement for that as well yet do recall - orders drop post 24 hours of affirmation are managed on a case-to-case premise by our Customer Care group contingent upon the level of procedure fruition. 2) We give the discount to every single such request as a Gift Card as it were. This card is redeemable on our Website inside of a stipulated period from time of issuance. 3) Please make an effort to remain informed that it takes a most extreme of 2 business days, post the receipt of your cancelation demand, for us to wipe out your request, and send you a notice by means of email.




Q: I received the order. But there's an issue. Can I return my ordered items?

A:Yes you can. At ambif, we don't put stock in making clients, however reinforcing our crew with glad relatives. We take stringent measures to convey Fashion Delight to our clients universally, in the most ideal condition yet there's dependably a plausibility that 

a. Items might get harmed amid travel; or 

b. There might be an assembling imperfection which didn't get saw amid pressing; or 

c. A wrong thing is dispatched out to you by slip-up.


Q: How soon should I get back to you?

A:Please connect with us inside 48 hours of accepting the request for reporting any protestations as to the item got as harmed, found with assembling imperfection, or some other issues.


Q: In what scenarios would you not accept any returns?

A:Kindly be educated that any item obtained from our �Sale� Section won't be returned under the Returns Policy with the exception of in the event that it's a blunder for benefit identifying with an assembling deformity or a wrong thing has been sent out to you by oversight. We don't acknowledge any profits if the item is dispatched to us following 7 days of getting the shipment, so please ensure you report the matter to us, and dispatch the item at the most punctual once we acknowledge the arrival demand. Benevolent don't dispatch the items before getting an "Arrival Accepted" Confirmation email from us, we won't have the capacity to divert such demands.


Q: What will be my options if there was an error by ambif?

A:We will appropriately recognize the issue and you would dependably be welcome to choose from continuing with: 1. An Item Replacement 

2. Issuance of a Gift Card 

3. A Refund of request worth


Q: What will be the value of Refund/Gift Card in case I opt for the same?

A:100% of the estimation of the merchandise including Shipping Costs and Stitching charges (as pertinent) will be guaranteed. 

Regardless, the discounts won't surpass the real sum paid by you.


Q: But I had to pay the courier service for Shipping the item back!

A:If we wind up making a mistake disregarding best endeavors, the additional transportation expense brought about amid the arrival of the item will be discounted. In some other case, the Shipping Charges and different costs would be borne by you.


Q: That�s awesome. In any case, are there any reasons you won't not give me every one of the 3 alternatives or no choice? 

A:ambif Customer Care delegate will connect with you with constrained options for underneath cases: 

1. In the event that you do return the item for any reason separated from a unintentional slip-up from our side. 

The discount will be prepared as a Gift Card redeemable amid your next buy with ambif. In the event that you had selected Free Stitching or Free Shipping plan while requesting the thing under inquiry, the Cost of Shipping and Stitching will be deducted from the discount sum. 

2. In the event that there was a Delay because of God�s or the Government�s Intervention 

There are times when the conveyance of the merchandise is deferred because of unanticipated circumstances, for example, regular cataclysm, open occasion, and so on. In such a case ambif might not discount, return or trade any request on solicitation. 

3. In the event that you understand that you may have made a mistake while requesting or giving estimations, we would request that you bear the extra charges of delivery and sewing, and in exceptionally uncommon cases expense of substitution of fabric, if any.


Q: How long does it generally take for Returned Items to reach back to the ambif Warehouse? 

A:International shipments as a rule take between 6 to 8 weeks in travel if done through postal administration. Any shipment returned inside of India takes 3-4 days to reach if sent through DTDC. Accurate time taken for travel would rely on upon the way of the item and your area.




Q: I'm thinking about seeking a Refund. Are there any specific points to know?

A:The Refund will be started inside of 2 (business) days in the event that you pick this choice, which will be acknowledged back to you according to your bank/Visa rules.


Q: And to what extent will the discount process take? 

A:Payments and Transfers are subject to Banks and Local Laws. Despite everything we've endeavored to gauge the time it may take to get your assets repaid underneath:


Q: Are there any reasons there could be a delay at the Bank/Credit Card companies end?

A:1) For exchanges made utilizing Debit/Credit cards, the time taken for discounts depends entirely on the administration supplier. 

2) For clients executing by means of Nationalized Banks, please expect a touch of deferral in handling since they have a tendency to have longer lead times. 

3) Please make an effort to remain advised that Banks send a SMS to clients for credit measure of more than INR 5000 as it were. In the event that your discount is not as much as INR 5000 generous check your bank or Mastercard account affirmation receipt of assets. 

4) in the event that you utilized a Coupon Code or a Gift Card to put in your request, the discount will be made in the same structure. No money discounts can be made in such a case according to overseeing laws.


Q: What about charges levied by Banks, Credit Cards companies and Local Taxes?

A:Credit Card Fees: 

It would be ideal if you take note of that Credit Card discounts include an administrator/Mastercard commission of 10% of the last request esteem (5% while tolerating and 5% while discounting). This expense will be deducted from the estimation of the discount. 

A substitute arrangement is an ambif Gift Card, which invalidates the Credit Card Commission charge and accordingly makes it feasible for us to issue a Gift Card comparable to the last acknowledged estimation of noteworthy assets. 

Bank Transfers: 

For requests set utilizing Bank Transfers, discounts would be issued just as Gift Cards. 

Global Transaction Fees: 

Cross Border or, International Transaction Fees, if any charged by the individual bank from your credit or platinum card won't be discounted. If you don't mind take note of these are concealed charges imposed by your bank on you, and not by us. Clients must contact their bank for extra data on these charges. 

Nearby Taxes : 

The VAT/Custom Duty/Local Taxes/Import Duties are borne specifically by the client according to neighborhood laws, to be paid at the season of conveyance as prompted by the individual messenger accomplice. We won't discount any such charges, if appropriate amid request conveyance.


Q: What are the steps of returning any item ordered from ambif?

A:#1 - Informing ambif

In the event that you have any grumblings in regards to the item you have gotten, please guarantee that you report it to us inside 48 hours of accepting the item. 

#2 - Confirmation email from ambif

You will get an affirmation email from us on affirming a Return Authorisation, inside of 2-3 business days. Kindly don't ship things before you get this email from us. We will be not able process any "Things Returned" without the Return Authorisation Reference. Kindly note: Incase required, we'd demand you for a computerized photo of the thing for our interior audit to have the capacity to handle your solicitation. 

#3 - Shipping Back the Items 

At the point when Shipping back the things: 

1. As would be prompted in our arrival approval email, please send the things to us ideally through a presumed, enrolled messenger/airmail benefit just to stay away from any travel related issues . 

2. If you don't mind attempt and guarantee that you hold all the bundling material alongwith the item. Try not to uproot labels, stickers, and so forth. Unless you are certain you need to keep the item. Vicinity of unique labels is an absolute necessity to process returns. 

3. Kindly bear in mind to stamp the bundling as "Flawed Items for Returns" and not available to be purchased. 

#4 - Item Receipt and Inspection at ambif Warehouse 

As an approach, our groups should look at the items on return and distinguish the imperfections/variety as showed by you. 

#5 - Proposed arrangements post receipt of returned things. 

Post investigation of returned item(s), our Customer Care group will propose medicinal answers for you on a case to case premise. - 

a. Picking an other Ethnic Treasure as a substitution of equivalent quality. 

b. a Gift Card to be utilized later to shop on ambif.

c. a Refund as settled on a case to case premise

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